Mansa Gold Agri Genetics Pvt. Ltd.

Brinjal Seeds (Prem - 387)

Brinjal Seeds are known for enhancing the overall quality of a crop along with the taste of the brinjal. Our Brinjal Seeds (Prem - 387) are produced after extensive research and development and processed under the strict supervision of the scientists. The Brinjal Seeds give uniform growth to the crops with excellent yield.


Plant growth habit Semi tall
Plant height (cm) 95-105 cm
Plant spread Moderate
No. of primary branches 3-4
Crop duration 160-165
Leaf blade length 16-17.5 cm
Leaf blade width 10-11.5 cm
Leaf blade lobing High
Leaf blade tip angle Acute
Leaf blade colour Green
Petiole length 5.0-7.0 cm
Petiole colour Green
Presence of Spines Absent
Days to 50% flowering 49-54 days
Petal colour Light violet
Anther colour Deep yellow
Stigma postion Protruded
Calyx colour Green
Presence of spines on calyx Absent
Days to 50% fruiting 60-65 days
Fruit colour Dark shiny purple
Fruit colour distribution Uniform
Fruit shape Oval
Marketable fruit length 7.5-8.0 cm
Marketable fruit girth 14-15 cm
Pedicel length 3.5-4.0 cm
No. of fruits/plant 60-65
Fruit curvature None
Fruit weight (g) 55-60
Fruit flesh density Medium
Seediness Medium
Seed colour Yellow
Seed size Medium
100 seed weight 0.55- 0.60 g
Fruit yield (tons/acre) 19-22
Distinguishable characters
  • Plant is tall spreading growth habit with more branching
  • Leaves are light green in colour with acute lobing, petiole is green
  • Flowers have light violet petals, calyx is green.
  • Fruits are non spiny, oval round, dark shiny purple in colour, and bear in clusters.